Voltage on Crafts

Voltoc Motor Technologies

Founded in 2022 in Istanbul, VOLTOC develops and manufactures electric propulsion systems for commercial applications and recreational use.

The founders of VOLTOC have a background in the defense industry as manufacturers, which leads the products to be smarter, simpler, lighter, quieter, more robust, and more efficient.

VOLTOC blends these manufacturing virtues with an eco-friendly and low-maintenance product design culture.

Inspired by nature in all aspects of its design and manufacturing journey, VOLTOC is deeply passionate about acting in favor of a Greener World.

VOLTOC is proud to be a part of this civilizing process through escalating “electric mobility” all over the world and is seeking you to be a part of it.



Aydıntepe Mah. Aydınlı Yolu Cad. 43-I 17, TEKMER
34947 Tuzla, ISTANBUL

+90 216 501 0 401

Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm