Go Electric for the Future


Outboard motors working with fossil-based energy sources, produce exhaust gases, and there is a risk of pollution from leaking oil or petrol. VOLTOC electric outboard motors do not release exhaust fumes into the water or air. There is no contamination during the refuelling process or no leakage of oil from cooling system.
Generally, gasoline smells from fuel outboard motors in your car, storage or during the sail. However with VOLTOC electric outboard motors you only feel the scent of oceans, seas, lakes, rivers or other scents of nature.
There is no direct carbon emission from VOLTOC electric outboards. However during manufacturing processes of products and electricity; indirect carbon emmisions may occur. For environmental sustainability, we are carefully working on indirect carbon footprint. We are trying to see the whole picture of the impact that a our electric motors have on the earth.

Quieter Sailing

VOLTOC electric outboard motors are significantly quieter than all other fuel motors. Direct drive technology has no gearboxes and thanks to electric motors technology we can hear the sound of natural beauty. Fuel motors are generally restricted or prohibited in many areas and everyday this scope is increasing.

Environmental Policy

. As a corporate policy, VOLTOC follows HSE(HEALTH, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT) Management System in its entire operations in order to achieve "Protection of Environment" and "Efficient Use of the Natural Resources"
VOLTOC is committed to;
- Protecting the environment against all kinds of risks and accidents and to prevent pollution,
- Providing all necessary resources under the leadership of the management team for attainment of the established goals and objectives,
- Complying all applicable laws and regulations to meet the global standards,
- Managing the environmental aspects and responsibilities with a systematic approach by taking “the life cycle” into account in every step.